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Light Maker

TONS Lightology Inc. have been founded in 1992 in Taipei, Taiwan as a commercial lighting manufacturer; and listed on the Taiwan stock exchange market (stock symbol 4972) in 2013. With having experience of Original Design Manufacture (ODM) in traditional HID lighting fixtures of the first decade, TONS had started to develop LED lighting fixtures for commercial lighting and exported to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia since 2004.

TONS established a 40,000㎡ of production plant in Zhongshan and also had branches in Beijing and Shanghai. We aim to provide professional and total solutions for customers in local areas. TONS had been repetitively ranked as the top 5% of the "Taiwan Corporate Governance Evaluation" in recognition of our achievements in recent years and also passed the inspection of "China Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise" in 2016.

TONS had concentrated to develop eco-friendly and contemporary lighting products for over 30 years. We commit to collaborate with designers and our distributors to providing al-in-one lighting solution for challenging designs.  With advance of our technology, we develop LED fixtures presently with precise optical performance. They are applied in museum and art galleries, premium hotels and club houses, shopping malls and department stores, luxury branding shops, skyscrapers and commercial towers, conference and exhibitions halls. TONS' fixtures are compatible to architects and designers' requirements and merged to environmental and architectural designs.


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Production base in Zhongshan: laboratories, assembly lines, metal works, and painting plant.

Showrooms: Beijing, Shanghai, Zhongshan, Taipei.

Core Technology

Our experienced R&D team has knowledge in optics, light source, mechanics, thermo-dynamics and electronics field. 

TONS integrates such essential aspects into our original design for sustainable development, energy saving, and environmental protection for society. 

We applied our own design for patents and repetitively won several product design awards in Germany, Italy, Taiwan and Mainland China. TONS has the honor to be one of the well reputed lighting brands worldwide.


Patent and Safety Certification

TONS luminaires are manufactured under strict quality control according to international standards; and are approved with certificates of ISO 9001, QC 080000, CNS, CCC, and compliance to standard of TUV, CE, UL and etc.; with more than hundred numbers of designs in patent.


Product Design Award

From 2008 to 2022, TONS original designs have won 43 international product design awards.



Visual Comfort and quality of lighting performance is relied on optics. 

Good quality of lighting can create atmosphere to architectures, increase merchandises and add historic sense to art heritage.


Family Design

Same design style with series in sizes, round / square shape are also avaiable.


Thermal Management

The self-developed revolutionary heat dissipation structure enables the LED light source to dissipate heat quickly, and keeps the chip temperature lower than the working temperature of the standard life defined by the light source manufacturer throughout the year. Perfect heat dissipation management ensures the normal service life of the LED.


Multi-purpose Lamp

It has rich and complete track and lighting accessories, which can be selected according to lighting needs.accessories-en.jpg


TONS continues to establish an automatic production plant with international-recognized manufacturing process; including an ISO Class 8 clean room (Class 100,000) automatic painting plant, Auto Laser Cutting, SMT Machine and etc..TONS manufactures high quality products through precise modern process and advance machines, but work details are created by craftsmanship.


RoHS Examination

TONS set up necessary testing instruments and process to monitor hazardous ingredients (such as Pb,Hg, Cd, Cr6+ and etc.) in fixtures as accorded to requirements of RoHS.

TONS has a mission to provide safe products to customers, and support "ECO-friendly".


Performance Examination

The laboratory is our valuable asset including lots of specific instruments for testing on Optics, Safety, EMC, Hot-wire, IP proof, RoHS and ets.. We strive to keep our products' quality within international standards, these testing data help to design TONS products with excellent performances.


Photometric Testing

A set of Goniophotometer (including a 30 meterslong light tunnel) was built in TONSlaboratory. It meets the requirement of CIE, IESNA, and national standards et.. It can generate accurate data and Polar-curve of light distribution in IES files forcomputer calculation in design stage.

Only high quality materials are adopted as components in TONS; and strictly tested under the procedures of IQC / OQC in our valuable laboratory within international standards. TONS engineering department is working continuously to find all kinds of solutions by using optics, heat dissipation, mechanic structure, light sources and etc. We assure compliance to the requirements of IEC 60598-1, RoHS, EMI / EMC and different standards from other countries.



Value-added / After-sales Services

TONS provides a complete service for all kinds of the lighting projects, such as preadvices for applications and after-sales service to users.

"Light is not just for brightness, but also for visual comfort". We believe that Light is a visual art between people and environment.

TONS faithfully commit to deliver professional services to our valuable customers, and also contribute such value to our society.


Lighting Subtle

TONS shows its respects to the celestial rules that the sun rises in the east and keeps lighting all goodness in the natural environment till dusk. Accordingly, we are devoted to the design, research, and manufacture of lighting appliances, leading people to experience the immaculate display and the delicate touch of lighting in the household, exhibition, commercial space, and architectural landscapes.

In addition to offering the highly efficient and high-quality artistic works in lighting, TONS also stimulates peoples' spiritual imagination by creating charm in illumination as well as developing an aura in space. We keep exploring the possibilities of combining tech and aesthetics to the utmost, specifying our brand commitment as "Lighting Subtle." 

We expect that customers, designers, and users can be visually and spiritually immersed in the unique and aesthetic moments under the lightness of our appliances, illuminating their own self-created, exquisite dream worlds.

From commercial lighting to museum lighting application, TONS focus on the full suit servicing from pre-sale, sale to after-sales. We obligated to have professional and honest attitude. TONS lets customers to experience valuable services.