TONS & StrongLED adopted the merger and acquisition and share conversion


■ Through mergers and acquisitions, StrongLED-KY (5821) will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of TONS Lightology Inc. (4972)


TONS Lightology Inc. (stock code: 4972, hereinafter referred to as TONS) and Grand Canyon Solid-state Lighting Systems (Cayman) Co., Ltd. (stock code: 5281, hereinafter referred to as StrongLED) today (April 7, 2023) the board of directors was convened to approve the merger and acquisition and share conversion. After the merger and acquisition, TONS will continue to be listed on the OTC. After the share conversion is completed, StrongLED-KY will become a 100% subsidiary of TONS and will be delisted.


The share exchange ratio takes into account factors such as the stock price per share, net value per share, company operating conditions, and future prospects of both parties. After consulting independent experts, the board of directors decided to exchange 1.72 ordinary shares of StrongLED-KY for 1 ordinary share of TONS, the benchmark date for mergers and acquisitions and share conversions is tentatively set as October 31, 2023.




■ Fully integrate resources and improve business performance


Both TONS and StrongLED have been developing in the lighting industry for many years. TONS has a high reputation in the European indoor lighting OEM market, and has established a complete project sales channel in the Taiwan lighting market; StrongLED has a high reputation in outdoor architectural landscapes and municipal lighting in mainland China, and will continue after the merger Marketed under the StrongLED brand. The two parties to this cooperation each have advantages in the professional sub-items of the lighting market. They hope that through this cooperation case, they will integrate sales channels, research and development, production bases and procurement resources, etc., to strengthen their overall competitive advantages and improve business performance.